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All Internet & EDI orders weighing up to 25 lbs. are eligible for our

UPS RED Flat Rate Shipping Program

                        Shipped Via               Weight               Your Cost
                         UPS RED                  <1 - 5                  $12.00
                         UPS RED                  >5 - 15                $22.00
                         UPS RED                  >15 - 25              $33.00
  • All internet and EDI orders over $500.00 net are eligible for FREE UPS ground shipping.
  • All internet orders are eligible to be shipped next-day (UPS RED) at 50% UPS list, and we cover UPS fuel surcharges.
  • $5.00 minimum order fee will be waived for all internet/EDI orders.

Non-internet Orders

  • Orders over $500.00 net will ship FREE UPS Ground.
  • Orders under $500.00 net will ship UPS Ground at applicable charges to you.
  • Orders under $50.00 will be assessed a $5.00 minimum order fee.